Whey Protein Concentrate - 70 %

Skimmed Milk Powder The whey proteins offered by us are the mixture of various globular proteins that are separated from the whey. These proteins are separated from whey and are processed using graded ingredients with all the required essential minerals and vitamins. The whey proteins provided by us are used for reducing triglyceride levels and total cholesterol. Available with a great taste, the whey proteins are lactose free and are also low in carbohydrate protein supplement, which has palatable flavor and serves as source of nourishment.

The Whey Protein Concentrate - 70% is the group of proteins, which is globular in shape. The concentrates are separated from whey with a liquid material as a by-product of cheese production. These are used as dietary supplements and alternative medicine, owing to having lots of positive health effects like anti-cancer properties and supplementary treatment for several diseases.

Packaging :

Kraft Paper Bag : 25 kg


Sr. No Parameter Values
Physical Characteristics
1 Appearanace Cr.White
2 Taste Normal
3 Flavour Clean
Chemical Composition
4 Moisture % 3.49
5 pH 6.52
6 Milk Fat (%) 5.33
7 Ash % 3.84
8 Scorched Particles (ADPI Disc) A
9 Protein % (ODB) 70.64
Bacteriological Analysis
11 Standard plate Count /g 4200
12 Coliforn/0.1 g Negative
13 E.Coli/g Absent
14 Salmonella/25 g Absent
15 Staphylococcus aureus/g Absent
16 Yeast & Mold/g 10
17 Storage Condition In Cool, Dry and Hygienic Condition
18 Shelf Life One year from the Date of Packing