Sodium Caseinate

butter Sodium Caseinate is used as source of protein & sodium in health foods, baby foods, bacteriological media, milk whitener, nutraceutical preparations, meat & food industries as an extender in meat products. Sodium Caseinate Powder is a spray dried Sodium Caseinate, free flowing, slightly hygroscopic white to off white colored powder obtained from high grade purified casein. Sodium Caseinate (Spray Dried) is also used as a additive in weaving products as a binder.

Certificate of Analysis

A Physical And Chemical Quality

1 Description Off white free flowing powder, free from extraneous matter and lumps.
2 Flavour And Taste Bland in taste, free from off flavours and odours.
3 Colour Creamish
4 Moisture % max 5.0
5 Total Ash % max 5.0
6 Fat % max 2.5
7 Protein % ( ODB) min 85.00 to 89.00
8 pH (in 10% Solution) Between 6.5 To 7.5
9 Bulk Density Between 0.25 to 0.35 (gm/ml)

B Microbilogical Quality

1 Total Plate Count, per gm NMT 10000 CFU/gm
2 Yeast & Mould NMT 50 CFU/gm
3 Coli form per 0.1 per gm absent
4 Salmonella/shigella, per 25 gm absent