Rennet Casein

butterRennet Casein is obtained by curdling the milk with rennet. In this process, the calcium remains bonded to the casein. Rennet Casein is processed by controlling precipitation of casein from pasteurized skim milk. Having low lactose and fat content, it is preferred for having high texturizing capacity. Also, if one is looking for an ingredient to add in processed cheese and dietary specialities, then Rennet Casein is the best option, one can opt.

The Pharmaceutical Grade Lactose available with us is Doubled Crystal refined one, which is a key ingredient in Pharmaceutical Product preparation. Moreover, the Dairy grade Lactose is processed in milk processing plant using fresh dairy milk, ensuring its purity and effectiveness.

Caseins are used:

  • In block cheese analogues
  • In processed cheese( slice &portions)

Properties Of Casein:

  • Brings texture to the cheese analogues
  • Promotes melting and stretchability
  • Good water absorbing ability


Rennet Caseins are available in:

  • 30 mesh
  • 60 mesh
  • 60/90 mesh
  • 90 mesh

Following are the packaging options available with us:

  • 25 kg bags
  • 1000 kg bags



Appearance Whitish / Ivory Powder
Texture Fine
Moisture 10 % Max.
Protein % ODB 81.75 % Min.
Fat Content 2.10 % Max.
Total Ash Content 8.25 % Max.
Lactose 0.5% Max.
Total Minerals % as such 1.71 % Max.


Total Plate Count per gm 25, 800
Yeast & Mould / gm 9 gm.
Coliform / 0.1 gm 40/100 gm.
Salmonella / 375 gm Absent.
Particle Mesh Size 100 % Pass To 60 Mesh Sieve