Inustrial 'A' Grade Casein

butter We are into producing & exporting of industrial 'A' grade casein. Our industrial casein is used across industry verticals like leather industry, chemical industry, paper making, emulsion industry, medicine industry and plant. These industrial acid casein is also used as an additive for polishing, dyeing & coloring. Available in color and luster of milk white or light yellow, with a mesh size of 40M, 60M, 90M, these casein protein is packed in multiple oven plastic liner bags with inner liner up to 50kg weight net. The casein protein powder can be stored under cool, dry, clean ware house conditions until the valid date expires.

Analytical Test Report


Appearance Whitish / Creamy Powder
Texture Fine
Moisture 9.50 % Max
Protein % ODB 86.75 % Min.
pH (10% 2/v Solution) 4.40
Fat Content 3.20 % Max.
Total Ash Content 3.25 % Max.
Total Acidity (ml of 0.1N NaOH) 9.60 ml.
Total Minerals % as such 1.71 % Max.


Total Plate Count per gm 25, 800
Yeast & Mould / gm 9 gm
Coliform / 0.1 gm Absent
Salmonella / 375 gm Absent
Particle Mesh Size 100 % Pass To 60 Mesh Sieve.