Edible Casein

butter Edible Acid Casein is a low fat milk protein, free of the carbohydrates, has a good flavour profile and excellent nutritional properties making it ideal for medical and nutritional application. Industrial Edible Casein is used in coffee whiteners, infant formulas, processed cheese and for use in pharmaceutical industries.

Analytical Test Report


Appearance Whitish / Creamy Powder
Texture Fine
Moisture 8.30 % Max.
Protein % ODB 92.75 % Min.
pH (10% 2/v Solution) 4.60
Fat Content 2.25 % Max.
Total Ash Content 2.40 % Max.
Total Acidity (ml of 0.1N NaOH) 8.80 ml.
Free Acidity As L.A.% 0.149 ml.
Total Minerals % as such 1.71 % Max.


Total Plate Count per gm 12, 200
Yeast & Mould / gm 9 gm.
Coliform / 0.1 gm Absent
Salmonella / 375 gm Absent
Particle Mesh Size 100 % Pass To 60 Mesh Sieve